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Manchester By The Sea (2016) DVDScr

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Manchester by the Sea (2016)
137 min|Drama|16 Dec 2016
7.8Rating: 7.8 / 10 from 284,948 usersMetascore: 96
A depressed uncle is asked to take care of his teenage nephew after the boy's father dies.

Lee (Casey Affleck) keeps to himself as a handyman for nearby apartments, failing to contain his misanthropic ways, using drink and aggression to soothe his screaming soul. When word reaches him that Joe (Kyle Chandler), his older brother, has passed away, Lee is forced to return to Manchester, a place he once called home with ex-wife Randi (Michelle Williams) and their three kids. Tasked with organizing a funeral, Lee is overwhelmed with the details, finding his workload complicated by custody of his teen nephew, Patrick (Lucas Hedges), put in charge of a young man who doesn’t want to uproot his life. Wrestling with memories and nervous about the future, Lee is suddenly reunited with responsibility, trying to make sense of a delicate situation as Patrick continues with his structured, mischievous life, with the pair building an askew bond along the way.

Review Manchester By The Sea

Review Manchester By The Sea

“Manchester by the Sea” isn’t a mystery, but there are questions in play that give the picture a certain level of suspense along the way. Lonergan plays with time to tell Lee’s story, cutting between the reality of Joe’s death and his memories of life with his sibling, including the diagnosis of heart disease that would eventually claim him. When we meet Lee, he’s tremendously withdrawn, working a dreary handyman gig where he interacts with demanding tenants, trying to peacefully go about his business while complaints and frustrations escalate, pushing him to lash out. At first glance, Lee has a problem, and he’s aware of it, living a solitary life in a basement apartment, with televised sports his only friend, while his periodic interest in bar fights keeps him alert. His mind also takes him back to domestic stability with Randi and time with a younger Patrick, with the pair bonding on the back of the family fishing boat, managed by Joe. There’s a cloud over Lee, and it’s not immediately understood why, with “Manchester by the Sea” patiently opening sections of the man’s past, building a riveting profile of a damaged but determined existence.

The core of the film belongs to Lee and Patrick, who are forced together by fate but work out a tentative balance between guardianship and friendship. Lee doesn’t want anything to do with raising the teen, but he falls into the role naturally, keeping a protective stance while Patrick lives an average adolescent life of school socialization, rock band practice, and the romancing of two girlfriends, putting in the time for a sexual payoff. “Manchester by the Sea” finds humor in Patrick’s rascally behavior, and Hedges is terrific in the role, making for a credible juvenile who craves independence, but also remains close to Lee, responding to his presence in the house, despite threats of complete upheaval once issues with Joe’s body are resolved (the ground in Manchester is too hard to bury him, necessitating a season in a freezer). The awkward parental relationship is masterfully mined by Lonergan, who scripts vivid but natural dialogue, peppering this new routine with brief but important moments of vulnerability, keeping Patrick a confused kid despite his practiced confidence, while Lee finds himself naturally returning to a head of household role he lost a long time ago.

Lee is broken, and we learn why through subtle bits of information, including the town’s rejection of his presence and his own hesitation to make himself available to others. Awareness of his situation gradually arrives, and it’s a special level of heartbreak that emerges during a brief reunion with Randi on the street, which gives Affleck the full shape of his surprisingly effective performance. Gut-rot hurt emerges throughout “Manchester by the Sea,” but it’s not a downer. Instead, Lonergan finds exceptional life in the processing of difficult emotions, loving the opportunity to bring out special behaviors and defense mechanisms, helping to locate the borders on these characters as they hunt for light in the perpetual dark. The effort’s sincerity and depiction of communication is remarkable throughout, and Lonergan keeps the feature unfolding like a novel, turning pages as Lee is confronted with his prior life, forcing him to evolve, but he isn’t going willingly.

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