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Silence (2016)
161 min|Drama, History|13 Jan 2017
7.1Rating: 7.1 / 10 from 114,317 usersMetascore: 79
In the 17th century, two Portuguese Jesuit priests travel to Japan in an attempt to locate their mentor, who is rumored to have committed apostasy, and to propagate Catholicism.

The story of two Catholic missionaries (Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver) who face the ultimate test of faith when they travel to Japan in search of their missing mentor (Liam Neeson) – at a time when Catholicism was outlawed and their presence forbidden.

Review Silence

Review Silence

When a director is as accomplished as Martin Scorsese, it’s hard to call a single film in his body of work his “masterpiece.” Silence comes close to taking that label, even in light of the director’s incredible filmography. A picture decades in the making and waiting for not just a lull in Marty’s schedule but for his soul to be prepared for the work of making it, Silence explores Christian persecution in 17th century Japan. The film is a monumental achievement of not simple storytelling or messaging but rather thoughtful exploration of religion, its place in a man’s heart and soul and its place in a land where its message is not welcome, at least not by those who reject its teachings for more than a simple disagreement of spiritual philosophy.

The film is extraordinarily well done, captivating not for any cinematic decadence or flair but rather for its deliberate, thoughtful, finely structured depiction of the battle for a single soul amidst a raging spiritual war.Word has reached the Catholic church that Father Cristóvão Ferreira (Liam Neeson) has renounced his faith after enduring torture on a mission trip to Japan. Two young priests who hold him in high regard, Sebastião Rodrigues (Andrew Garfield) and Francisco Garupe (Adam Driver), travel to Japan in hopes of finding their mentor and absolving him of what they believe to be the mistruths that have tarnished his reputation as an unshakable missionary and man of God. They arrive in a country where Christians must live in hiding.

They, too, are forced to live in secrecy, teaching the Word clandestinely and at night. As their time in the country increases and the investigation moves forward, they find themselves caught in the middle of a violent persecution and purging of Christian believers, testing their faith and putting themselves, and their fellow Japanese Christians, in great danger.

Silence embodies cinema’s most artful and its most purposeful sides. Far from the empty entertainment vessels around it, the film is a beacon of delicately paced, smartly constructed, and emotionally gripping moviemaking that sacrifices entertainment value and modern wizardry in favor of an honest exploration of faith facing its greatest challenge. The movie does not ask the audience to understand it, nor does it ask the audience to agree with it. It asks the audience experience it, to feel the inward turmoil and the outward terror and, at least, relate with the characters as they’re forced to explore their faith well beyond the limits of human understanding or physical coercion. The film offers a genuinely complex depiction of living in faith and simultaneously living in fear, and as it reaches its climax that division becomes less distanced and takes on greater meaning beyond the individual and his purpose in spreading the message of his faith.

Much of the film is the depiction of Rodrigues’ steadfastness and the counter, the evolving moral dilemma of standing tall against the immutable stalwarts on the other side who don’t so much refuse to understand his teachings, but to accept them not because of what they say, but rather what they represent to those who hear it. The story evolves into a trial between faith in God and obligation to fellow man, a moral quagmire balancing convictions of faith and the physical ramifications thereof.

Scorsese crafts the film in a manner that is extreme in execution but not gratuitous in depiction. It can be physically violent and difficult to watch, yes, but the film is so rightfully focused on the inner turmoil that any outward depictions of violence are dwarfed by the masterful presentation of the emotional and spiritual complexities that define the film. Andrew Garfield is spectacular in the lead role. The sense of conviction is obvious, the immersion into his world and beliefs genuine, and the struggle palpable. His embodiment of the character transcends time and place and even circumstance and, in a way, is almost universally descriptive of every man of faith’s struggles in life, not necessarily under these specific challenges of conviction but in the everyday struggles that can tear one apart at his or her very inner fabric.

Garfield is exceptional, matched by several strong performances from the English and Japanese cast alike that never want for greater natural intensity or unwavering grasp of the film’s most demandingly complex story and theme and spiritual machinations. It’s gorgeously photographed and staged, misty and dreary to begin but, somewhat conversely but also somewhat complimentary, gaining visual clarity as the film moves along. It’s a subtle gesture but critical in helping to define the film, even as Scorsese leaves much of it open for interpretation.

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