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Bad Boys for Life (2020)
124 min|Action, Comedy, Crime|17 Jan 2020
6.5Rating: 6.5 / 10 from 163,051 usersMetascore: 59
Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett must face off against a mother-and-son pair of drug lords who wreak vengeful havoc on their city.

Review Bad Boys for Life

Review Bad Boys for Life

When Detective Burnett (Martin Lawrence) becomes a grandfather, he begins to reconsider his future as a police officer, promising retirement to his wife, Theresa (Theresa Randle). Facing the end of their lengthy partnership as Miami’s “Bad Boys,” Detective Lowrey (Will Smith) isn’t ready to settle down like Burnett, preferring the childless, loveless, hard-charging life of police work.

Coming into view is Isabel (Kate del Castillo), a fugitive from a Mexican prison who’s looking for revenge after the death of her cartel leader husband. Unable to do the work herself, Isabel sends her son, Armando (Jacob Scipio), to assassinate all those tied to the loss of her spouse, with Lowrey on the list. Taking three bullets to the chest and surviving, Lowrey is ready to strike back at Armando and stop his killing spree, looking to Burnett to back him up for one last ride.

Of course, why would the “Bad Boys” franchise deviate from Bay’s vision? He turned the first two offering into box office hits and established the formula, striking gold with excessive amounts of idiotic comedy and overkill action (at least in the first sequel). There’s been a “Bad Boys” video game and even a television spin-off, with Gabrielle Union taking her “Bad Boys II” character to the small screen for low-wattage hellraising, joined by Jessica Alba. And yet, there’s room for improvement, or at least a chance to restore some of the surprise that helped the original effort find its audience.

“Bad Boys for Life” has a potentially interesting angle in age, with Burnett getting comfortable with the idea of slowing down to enjoy what’s left of the ride, finding peace with family. Lowrey is ignoring his future, preferring to keep gunning through his existence, only stopping to color the gray out of his beard (one of the few gags that works in the picture). The cops are aging out of the system, watching as tech-heavy police squad AMMO takes power, with leader Rita (a commanding Paola Nunez) overseeing twentysomethings (including Vanessa Hudgens) armed with non-lethal weapons and computer access to anywhere. It’s a tough time to be fifty and reckless.

Created as an action distraction for the spring of 1995, “Bad Boys” marked the directorial debut of Michael Bay, who took a low-budget project starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence and made it come alive, feeling out his helming powers with what would become his only movie made with some restraint. Returning to the brand name in 2003, Bay manufactured a hideously bloated and mean-spirited sequel, offered a chance to do whatever he wanted with the series, electing to squeeze all the fun out of it.

After a long breather, Smith and Lawrence return with “Bad Boys for Life,” but Bay has chosen to sit this one out, passing the baton to Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, two untested filmmakers tasked with keeping up the Bay energy for the weirdly delayed second sequel. It’s nice not to have Bay around to make a mess of things, but the new kids on the block are just as interested in grotesque violence and sheer noise, unwilling to make “Bad Boys for Life” their own bulldozing creation.

The screenplay makes fun of getting older, doling out poor vision and stamina jokes, but it also strives to be the same old “Bad Boys.” Arbi and Fallah are handed multiple opportunities to showcase their abilities, and while it’s never as electrifying as it could be, “Bad Boys for Life” has its highlights, with Armando making multiple attempts to kill Lowrey.

There’s something there in such a primal hunt for revenge, creating a mystery of motivation for Isabel, but the picture just wants to be a noise maker, bouncing between Lawrence’s nasty habit of yelling every line he’s given and the pyro show of the chase, where everything in Miami explodes. “Bad Boys for Life” also sustains Bay’s fixation on ultraviolence, delivering an enormous amount of bloodshed and bodily harm, which reduces the comedy component of the production.

It should be more entertaining to see Lawrence (who rarely works anymore) and Smith together again, joined by a few familiar faces (including Joe Pantoliano), embarking a manhunt for a killer and his mom. “Bad Boys for Life” isn’t happy with the essentials, preferring to pound the audience instead of creating a celebration of mayhem. Characterization is also cranked to ridiculousness, as Isabel is actually a witch, using black magic to manipulate her enemies.

While not as long as “Bad Boys II,” the latest Burnett and Lowrey case is just as exhausting, with Arbi and Fallah walking in Bay’s footprints instead of making the sequel something at least slightly different, helping a now 25-year-old franchise locate a fresh way to tickle viewers while thrilling them with dynamic supercop encounters.

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